How to remove the suggested videos overlay from a paused, embedded YouTube video

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Suggested videos on a paused, embedded YouTube video Suggested videos on a paused, embedded YouTube video

I have an embedded YouTube video on my site. When I pause the video, there is an overlay at the bottom with suggested video thumbnails. How do I remove this without having to click it off every time?

Add &ytp-pause-overlay=0 to the end of your YouTube video URL. The ytp-pause-overlay=0 is what removes the overlay with suggested videos when you pause an embedded YT video.

Also, you should know that ? is the first part that gets added to the URL. Any additional command you give it will start with &.

For example:

Some other codes you may find useful:

  • modestbranding=1 turns off the YouTube branding
  • rel=0 turns off related videos at the end of the video
  • controls=0 removes the play/pause bar
  • showinfo=0 removes the top bar of the video
  • loop=1&playlist=ABC123abc will loop the video. Note: you need to add the video ID again to the URL.
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