The Admin of Joomla 4 has no CSS styling.

Possible cause: A gzip section in .htaccess is compressing the already-compressed CSS and JavaScript files.

The Joomla website gives this error in the front end and back end:

0 Cannot write to log file.

When I try to update the VirtueMart - Payments, Skrill plugin, I get the error:

Error Invalid extension update

Step 3 on a Joomla 3.x install just refreshes the page, and the progress bar doesn't complete. This is actually a simple fix.

Using icons and images as text is fun, professional, and looks great. But how do you add a custom font icon pack to a RocketTheme template in addition to FontAwesome?

The DNS editing instructions I have tell me to put @ as the Name for a new TXT record, but I get the error "You must specify a valid zone name." What do I do?

I have an embedded YouTube video on my site. When I pause the video, there is an overlay at the bottom with suggested video thumbnails. How do I remove this without having to click it off every time?

You need to create a dropdown box in RSForm for US states, but don't want to type out each one and not sure how to do it. We have it done for you!

cPanel has been upgraded and now I can't see hidden or dotfiles.

The page title is displaying twice on Joomla site.

Logitech H800 headset doesn't play sound through the headset, only through the computer speakers.